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Copper Installation

  1. They are stunning 

  2. They pair well with a variety of architectural styles 

  3. They are highly weather resistant 

  4. They are known to last 100+ years 

  5. They require no painting or finishing 

  6. They are fire-resistant 

  7. They require little to no maintenance 

  8. They increase the value of properties 

  9. They regulate the temperature within the home 

  10. They are lightweight, which reduces pressure on the home

Not sure if a copper roof is right for your home? Our team is more than happy to walk you through your roof replacement options and help determine which plan is best for you. 

10 Benefits of copper roofs

A brand-new copper roof has the appearance of a shiny penny, but over time, that appearance changes due to the process of oxidation. After about 20 years of exposure to the environment, a copper roof will form a green or brown film (known as “patina”) on the surface, which will give it that beautiful, aged look. This process is inevitable and can be sped up using artificial aging solutions. To learn more, reach out to our roofing experts at Yellow Jacket.

What Happens to Copper Roofs Over Time?

Your roof plays a critical role in maintaining a safe, comfortable home. Not to mention, it’s a major investment. All things considered, keeping a close eye on your roof is extremely important. Roofing experts recommend scheduling professional, annual roofing inspections. These inspections are a great way for your roofer to identify and resolve any problems before they have a chance to cause extensive damage to your home.  

Do You Need an Inspection?

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